Tuesday, 15 January 2013

[Photofolio] ANDROGYNIST

Hi there lovely people! 
let me just start with a warm new year greeting first (though it kinda late already).
Ok, So yesterday I did my first studio photoshoot, I gotta say it's not easy to control the lighting and all sorts of things. But heyy, no pain no gain :p
This time I invite my androgynous friend to join me, we did a vintage theme with two different style.
It turned out not too bad I suppose.

As you guys know that I'm still an amateur and still need lots of practice. 
Don't you worry, I'm very well open to critics and suggestion. So leave your comment below.

Thank you noi for becoming my model yesterday! 
She's an art, check her out on instagram @ninoikeren
Not much of make up this time, as usual I did the styling and mainly most of the wardrobes are noi's, and I contributed my grandpa's old camera :D

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  1. Love the photos especially the black and white ones!