Thursday, 23 August 2012

[BAKING WEEK] Salted Caramel Eclairs

Apologize for not checking the oven after 15 mins, and ended up making these babies a little bit overcooked :p

For recipe please comment/ email :)


  1. yummy look perfectly edible to me, & I like the texture

  2. the recipe would be nice thanks Jessica, doesn't look like normal choux paste?

    1. it's normal choux pastry recipe, Bruce.

      Choux pastry:

      Group A:
      - 80gr butter
      - 100ml Milk
      - 100ml water
      - 10gr sugar
      Group B:
      - 120gr Plain Flour
      Group C:
      - 4 eggs

      Crunchy crumb top:

      - 100gr sugar
      - 100gr butter
      - 75gr flour
      1. Mix sugar and butter until soft
      2. add Flour
      3. Refrigerate for 20 mins

      Methods for choux:
      1. pre-heat oven at 200C
      2. boil group A, reduce heat.
      3. add B, stir until the mixture boil and well incorporated.(be careful not to burn the mixture).
      4. take off from heat. Cool the mixture until about 60C.
      5. add C, one at a time.
      6. pipe mixture on a baking tray with plain or star nozzle.
      7. Roll a thin layer of Crunchy crumb top and placed it on top of chux pastry.
      7. bake in about 15-25mins (depending on the oven).

      Salted Caramel Sauce

      - 120gr granulated sugar
      - 100ml cream
      - 120gr chilled salted butter
      - 8gr rock salt

      1. heat 1/3 of sugar in low heat, as soon as the sugar turn brownish add the remaining sugar.
      2. swirl the pan, making sure they're not burned.
      3. once it turn dark amber color, pour the cream (careful as it will splashed)
      4. lastly add the butter, and let it melt.
      5. Stir the sauce making sure there's no lump.
      6. Refrigerate and use it next day.

      Salted Caramel cream:

      - 300ml Whipped cream
      - 125gr icing sugar
      - 80ml salted caramel sauce

      1. whipped cream until soft peak
      2. add icing sugar and salted caramel sauce
      3. whipped it until stiff

      Enjoy! and Happy Baking!

      Please stay peeking my blog for more updates!
      Cheers ;D